Offshore weather resources, in a nutshell

Revised: Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Corenman, Jim

Course Outline by Jim Corenman

1. Look Outdoors

a. Calibrated barometer/barograph

b. Wind speed and direction

c. Cloud observations

2. Warnings and text forecasts (general info:

a. Via HF SSB (voice) from USCG

b. Via HF SITOR (radiotelex) from USCG

c. Via email from Saildocs (email:

d. Via sat-phone/Internet

3. Radiofax charts via HF-SSB

4. Forecast data in Grib format

a. Sources:

i. Saildocs (email

ii. Global Marine Net (


b. Viewers and grib-compatible chart programs:

i. Airmail/Viewfax (

ii. MaxSea ( or

iii. Raytech (

c. How to get it

i. Sailmail (

ii. Iridium (

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