For those attending the March 26 POA, Bill Erkelens' notes and sample map are attached.

Bill says:

Tactics- Start with an overall plan based on experience and advice.

I have used Commanders Weather for many races in the past with great success. An example from Commanders for a Hawaii race is below which shows the scope of service available. The Summary helps give you the overall picture of what conditions are driving the race course weather. This is followed by detailed forecast conditions for your position along a suggested route.

Finally a few graphics attached to assist in the explanation. In order to get a service with this detail, you will need to provide the performance information for your boat. If you do not have access to this information perhaps you can find the data for a boat of similar performance to aid in the routing.

Remember, you may only receive this form of “outside assistance” before the start of the race, and not at any time during the race unless you are registered in the Cruising Division

See the attached notes for the full text

Bill Erkelens
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