With our return briefing Saturday, and the handout of trackers, the final episode of this year's race is now underway: the return.  Around half the returning fleet have opted to carry trackers.  The link for the tracker is here: http://yb.tl/paccup2018_return

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It's all about the hardware. Awards are

Here's a full run down of who wins what, why, and how they did it.

Waiting for the last few...

With the arrivals of Defiance, Edge of Moonlight, and Hokulani last night, we're down to just a few on the "To Be Welcomed" list.  Taking a look at the...

July 24 race report

The C fleet comes rumbling in with new leader 'Zaff' still on course. What a race! The first B fleet entries arrive this morning with division leader 'Shearwater' sailing towards the line well ahead...

July 23 race report

Much of the fleet is now in, most divisions have been decided, and the Melges 32 Rufless makes history as the first Melges 32 to win its class in a major ocean race. It's all in here and more in your...

Repairs While Racing

Stuff happens. That, or a saltier version, is a watchword among all who take their boats long distances, and the Pacific Cup (the FUN Race to Hawaii) certainly gets its share of "stuff."

Additional Photo Albums: Starts and Finishes

In addition to our official photo albums, our starting line photographer Erik Simonson has posted a fuller set of images for your review.

July 22 race report

Many divisions have been decided, the docks are beginning to fill, most boats are still on the race course and C division remains a barn burner. Kaneohe Yacht Club Pacific Cup village now in full...

July 21 race report

The top handful of boats are in, many more are on the way, several divisions still up for grabs while many others are being decided once and for all. It's all in here and more!

First One In. Now two!

Just a shade before 1 pm HST, it looks like...  More information to followUpdate: Prospector Joins Girafon in the "we crossed" club.
Because we needed a picture

Tracker Now Live

With the arrivals of the fleet leaders, we have turned off the delays on the tracker and standings pages, and have added 15-minute updates (as well as finish line ping) to the tracker displays.&...

July 20 race report

They're here!!! The fleet's first arrivals will begin to reach Kaneohe in the next few hours. Close racing all over the fleet. Rufless makes her move in D division, Poke and Destroy moves atop C...
A Fond

What to Feed a Giraffe?

Our first arriver has posted her 100 mile report. As anticipated, it's A Fond le Girafon, the foil-equipped Beneteau Figaro 3.

Best Day's Run - Prospector tops the lis

Like baseball, sailiing competition involves a lot of numbers. One classic value tracked by racers and cruisers alike is the "day's run." This is the distance travelled from noon to noon or check-in...
A Fond le Girafon can smell the barn, Prospector still rumbling along atop the overall rankings, Wolfpack makes her move in DH2, little boats soaring through the ranks in C and D, and Blue making gains on Pyewacket in division E. All the details are in here:

July 19 race report

Twenty-four more hours into this 20th edition of the Pacific Cup and we have continued to gain clarity on how much of the fleet may end up once all is said and done.

July 18 race report

Another day, and another series of surprises that continue to impact the rankings in this 20th edition of the Pacific Cup.

Halfway to Hawaii!

Pac Cup fleet on the home stretch with most divisions still up for grabs. In stark contrast to the last edition of the race, which was run during a very active super el niño occurrence, the 20th...

And it’s One Two Three What are we Racing For

A wide range of prizes, trophies and honors for Pac Cup ParticipantsSo, we know that our racers are pursuing the big Maguffin, the Pacific Cup, but that’s neither the beginning nor the end of the...
Andy and Julia

Tuesday Morning Shuffle

When we crunched the numbers on the 0800 positions, we found quite a few shifts in postition from the (early) morning report:  Loose Cannon, double-handed by Andy Goodman and Jul

July 17 morning race report

Prospector moves to the top of the overall leader board, northerly boats in the first wave have a very slow day, Express 27's remain tight, Pyewacket crushing in the big boat fleet, Farr 44 Companera...

What We're Finding

We came, we saw, we shook our heads.  While the fleets are in wild pursuit of enough breeze to zip them to Kaneohe, most boats are finding other things.

July 16 race report

The northerly-positioned leaders in the first wave begin to slow in light air, the Express 27's are constantly shuffling positions, and the big boats from the Friday start begin charging up through...

Venture Home

Venture, the Jenneau 49, retired from the race a few days back due to slow progress and other commitments.  This morning's AIS shows her j

Sunday July 15 morning update

Wednesday and Thursday starters finally reach the northerly breeze, Cal 40 Green Buffalo continues to lead overall, A Fond le Girafon has less than 1,000 miles to go in her bid for line honors and...

The Media Take Notice

Nothing Fake about this news.  We're pleased that the general press have taken notice of our race this year.

Saturday July 14 morning report

Saturday morning sees A Fond le Girafon out front of the fleet, Green Buffalo solidifying her claim to top overall corrected honors, Wednesday and Thursday starters still moving very slow, and Friday...

Allez, Enfants de la Patrie!

Bastille Day smiles on the French competitors in the 2018 Pacific Cup. The fleet scatters to avoid light air

Starting Galleries and Videos

We've collected some of our favorite starting shots and videos for you to relive the thrilling starts.

And they're off! BMW of San Rafael E div

With the start of the BMW of San Rafael E division, all eight divisions in the 2018 Pacific Cup are now on course and racing to Hawaii.
Screenshot of the tracker on Friday morning

Friday July 13 race report

A Fond le Girafon still leads on line honors, but the J/120 Jamani has taken over as your new overall handicap race leader! Southerly boats in the first wave beginning to slow while Wednesday and...

Fleet Gets Chatty

In the daily 8 am check-in, we invite boats to include a "message for the world". They're starting to respond.  Here's what we saw this morning:I-phone found in bilge under water could not work...

Break On Through...

As forecast, the Wednesday starters are having a challenging time breaking through a patch of light air directly across their course to Hawaii.  While the Monday starters are enjoying beam winds...

Second wave of starts are under way!

It was another stunning day on San Francisco Bay today, to start two more divisions in the 2018 Pacific Cup Yacht Race. Seventeen boats spread across two PHRF handicap divisions began their 2,070...

Wednesday July 11 morning race report

It's Wednesday morning, and the Monday starters have now been at sea for nearly two days. Still out front of the fleet is Charles Devanneaux's Beneteau Figaro 3 A Fond le Girafon, who holds a...


Zipper is Zipping Along. Starting Area Tracking

Don't believe what you see on the tracking page!  Zipper is just fine. Her tracker appears to have gotten some water incursion which is ... bad for electronics.  Zipper has a second tracker...

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Race Notices

Finished - Provisional Time Surya

Time HST: Sat, 2018-07-28 10:48 (Prov)

5 Mile Check-in Surya

ETA (HST): Sat, 2018-07-28 11:00

25 Mile Check-in Surya

ETA (HST): Sat, 2018-07-28 10:49

Finished - Provisional Time Knot Behaving

Time HST: Fri, 2018-07-27 17:54 (Prov)

5 Mile Check-in Knot Behaving

ETA (HST): Fri, 2018-07-27 18:50

Finished - Provisional Time Angelique

ETA (HST): Fri, 2018-07-27 19:45
Time HST: Fri, 2018-07-27 15:59 (Prov)

5 Mile Check-in Angelique

ETA (HST): Fri, 2018-07-27 15:59

25 Mile Check-in Knot Behaving

ETA (HST): Fri, 2018-07-27 18:30

25 Mile Check-in Angelique

ETA (HST): Fri, 2018-07-27 15:45

100 Mile Check-in Knot Behaving

ETA (HST): Fri, 2018-07-27 19:45

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