Provisional timetable:



  • Winter: Pacific Offshore Academy
  • Spring: Safety at Sea Seminar
  • April: Another Boat Show Party!
  • Summer: Pacific Cup Village, Final prep
  • July 9-13: Starts of the 2018 Pacific Cup
  • July 23-27: Finish Line Festivities

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Early entries are coming out strong, with nine signing up in the first few days of entries being open.  With a finish-line limit of 70 boats at Kaneohe Yacht Club, the contention for spots in the race can be tight, which is why we encourage folks to sign up early and get into the preparation mindset.  As of February 14, our list is:...

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2018 Officers and Board elected at Annual Meeting

The PCYC has elected its slate of officers and directors for the 2018 race cycle. Elections took place at the Annual Meeting October 17, 7:30, at Richmond Yacht Club.  Supporters of the race are...

2016 Pacific Cup - Final Results and Trophies

Kaneohe, HI, Saturday, July 30, 2016 – The 2016 Pacific Cup will be remembered for the big wind and seas that challenged some racers with broken boats and bodies, but pushed many in the fleet to...

Darby: To Reroute or Not to Reroute?

If any 2016 Pacific Cup racers have kids, it’s unlikely they’ll name them Darby. The position of the Pacific High made for a fast passage for boats on the front of the fleet, but Darby wreaked havoc...

The 2016 Pac Cup – Mountains, Holes and Moguls - by Jim Quanci

This year’s Pac Cup was wind, wind and more wind. Getting out of Dodge that first day, the missing light wind ridge, north and south – there was good wind everywhere. The strong high north...

July 27 Update - Mirador's in, let the parties begin!

Aloha, Mirador! The Antrim 27 finished this morning at 9:38 a.m. marking the fleet’s longest passage. Skipper Eric Devaney and his son Will faced a number of challenges that extended their time at...

Board Meetings

PCYC Board Meeting 08/29/2016
PCYC Board Meeting 09/19/2016
PCYC Board Meeting 10/17/2016
PCYC Board Meeting 11/21/2016
Board Meeting 12/19/2016
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