Safe is Fun!

Sailors on both sides of the Pacific, from California to Hawaii, will be able to attend the International Safety at Sea with Hands-On Training in either location. March 23 at Kaneohe Yacht Club and April 13 or 14 at Encinal Yacht Club.  All sessions are US Sailing Sanctioned and meet World Sailing's requirements...

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First Starts to be June 29, 2020

The 40th Anniversary Edition of the Pacific Cup, the FUN race to Hawaii will see the first fleet starting Monday, June 29, 2020.

2020 Board Elected

The membership votes are in, and have confirmed the uncontested nominations of the board for the 2020 Pacific Cup, the FUN race to Hawaii. "We're looking forward to a great race, reviving some...

It's all about the hardware. Awards are tonight!

With the Mount Gay Rum party in our wake and just three boats left on the race course, Pacific Cup 2018 is very quickly drawing to a close. The award ceremony is tonight and almost on cue, the most “...

Waiting for the last few...

With the arrivals of Defiance, Edge of Moonlight, and Hokulani last night, we're down to just a few on the "To Be Welcomed" list.  Taking a look at the tracker, we see that the end of the fleet...

July 24 race report

Tuesday morning at the Pacific Cup has been full of action with the first three boats in the ultra-competitive Alaska Airlines C division crossing the finish line within two hours of one another....

July 23 race report

Another day at the Pacific Cup in Kaneohe, and another day where the docks are filling, the party continues to grow and the arrivals are filtering in around the clock. Many fleets are now entirely...

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