Weather Resources

Weather Resources

Revised: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weather Data Sources:

Main NWS weather page:

Fax schedules and charts:

World-wide fax schedule:

Grib-files from Saildocs:

Ocens WxNet (subscription):



Lee Chesneau

          (especially note:  "Mariner's Guide to the 500mb Chart")

Weather and Routing Software:

       Grib viewers:


                    Ocens "grib explorer" ($199)

          Weather fax software

                    Airmail / Getfax

                    MScan Meteo ($300)                 www.mscan.con

          Weatherfax-2000 ($200)

          JVComm32 ($93)

Chart software that can display grib's:

          Coastal Explorer

          Nobeltec (ver 9)

Tactical Software


          Deckman for Windows (B&G)

          Raytech / Raymarine

          MaxSea (Furuno)

General info:

          Transpac weather seminar notes:       

“Meteorology Today”

by C. Donald Ahrens (

“Mariner’s Weather Handbook”

by Steve Dashew (

File Attachment:

 Jim and Sue Corenman have sailed for many decades on a multitude of boats all around the world.  From their west coast base, they began racing in San Francisco Bay, then up and down the West Coast and on to multiple Hawaii races.  In 1991, the couple completed their first circumnavigation aboard Heart of Gold, their custom Carl Schumacher designed composite 50-ft sloop.



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Corenman, Jim , Sue and Jim Corenman
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