Weather Resources

Weather Data Sources:

Main NWS weather page:

Fax schedules and charts:

World-wide fax schedule:

Grib-files from Saildocs:

Ocens WxNet (subscription):



Lee Chesneau

          (especially note:  "Mariner's Guide to the 500mb Chart")

Weather and Routing Software:

       Grib viewers:


                    Ocens "grib explorer" ($199)

          Weather fax software

                    Airmail / Getfax

                    MScan Meteo ($300)                 www.mscan.con

          Weatherfax-2000 ($200)

          JVComm32 ($93)

Chart software that can display grib's:

          Coastal Explorer

          Nobeltec (ver 9)

Tactical Software


          Deckman for Windows (B&G)

          Raytech / Raymarine

          MaxSea (Furuno)

General info:

          Transpac weather seminar notes:       

“Meteorology Today”

by C. Donald Ahrens (

“Mariner’s Weather Handbook”

by Steve Dashew (

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