100 Things You Can Do For a Better Pac Cup

Michael Moradzadeh  February 27, 2010
100 Things You Can Do For a Better Pac Cup

Planning and Prep

1.                 Lists

·       We do three lists: Speed, Safety, Comfort

·       Sometimes, things overlap, like a watermaker

2.               Know your priorities

3.                Know your budget (family discussion time)

4.               You can trade $$ for time

5.               Friends may help you

·       People are fascinated by this stuff

6.               Friends may lend you stuff

Haul the boat

7.               Do it at KKMI or Svendsens, our sponsors!

8.               Fair the bottom.  Flatten the through-hulls

9.               Check the rudder

10.             Note (on a diagram) where the through-hulls are

11.               Take a side picture in case you need to haul out somewhere else

12.             Check the rudder


13.              Choose (or join) crew that shares your goals

14.             Don’t be the only one that knows how to do something

15.             Leave whiners on the dock

16.             Leave Mr. “Safety Rules Don’t Apply to Me” too

17.             Agree in advance on alcohol consumption: Dry?  One per day? One per meal?

18.             Have a plan for gear storage

19.             Have a “pecking order,” at least for the Skipper and watch captains


20.            Comfortable crew = rested and ready

·       Rested and ready = better performance

21.             Cushions/Beanbag… Important for cockpit

22.            Pipe berths are a great place to sleep

23.            STAY WARM. Long Johns & foulies, for the first three days

·       Good breathable foulies

24.            Gortex seaboots (Goretex socks are good too)

25.            Pack changes of clothes in sealable baggies inside sea bag.

26.            Keep the inside of the boat dry (sponge, chamois sham-wow).

27.            Deck shoes or sandals for daytime on 2nd half of trip.

28.            Full-brim floppy hat.

29.            Have better hygiene than the rest of your crew

·       You’ll only THINK it’s better


30.            Familiar, tried recipes work best

31.              Ginger is your friend

32.            Frozen, precooked entrees, one per crew, is cozy

·       80 lbs of dry ice will keep stuff froze for ~9 days

·       Pre-freeze with dry ice then add more on day of trip

33.             Frozen take-out works well too (Paul’s Biryani)

34.            New shelf-stable foods are convenient, if you like ‘em

35.            Safeway.com delivers

36.            Container sizes – get stuff in 1-2 day quantities

·       (no open gallon can of olives)

37.            SPAM might be food, Vienna Sausages are not.


38.            Pressurized Water can mean Lost Water

39.            Decide in advance your water plan

40.           Showers? Staying hydrated? Watermaker?  Tell the crew.

·       Use and carry bottled water.

·       Thermos/AirPot of hot water

41.             Instant coffee/cocoa/tea available*

42.            I love my Spectra Watermachine

43.             Stay Hydrated, my friends.


44.           Your friends and family at home want to hear about you

45.            Start a blog.  We will stream it. (SailBlogs.com is good)

46.           WinLink, SailMail, or Iridium mail work well, if you have practiced.

47.            There will be a radio test.  Participate.

48.           Be able to get weather reports, GRIB files, or you will lose.


49.           Spinnaker Net blocks wraps.  Sail more confidently

50.            AIS is simply wonderful

51.             Battery operated drill (saw bit/grinding wheel for drill are good too)

52.            Fast dry 5200.

53.            Waterproof duct tape.  Gorilla brand is good.

54.            Save space by flaking spinnakers

·        keep them, one each, in trash compactor bags till you need them.

55.           Ship un-needed stuff over


56.            Overnight is good.  Over 2 nights is better

57.            Get out on the ocean.  It’s different

58.            Race.  Long sails are good, long races are better

·       Spinnaker Cup

·       Midnight Moonlight

·       Ditch Run

·       Out 50-75 miles and back overnight, full crew,
start at 4:00 p.m.

59.            Practice shorthanded. 

·       On a watch schedule, you are always shorthanded

60.           Nothing like a MOB drill on an overnight to focus the mind. 

61.             Use something you can live without.


62.            Start your Bonine a couple of days early

63.            Take time to thank those who supported you

64.           Take care of legalities

65.            Power of attorney, will, library card renewal

66.          Be "out of office" earlier than the day before departure

67.           Turn on email vacation response earlier than day of departure

68.          Pack/Stow the boat a day earlier than you were thinking

69.          Get a good night's sleep before

70.           Start watch system at Mile Rock


71.             Guard your night vision (consider eye patch)

72.            People who wear white headlamps should be beaten

73.            Hail ships when you see them

·       They are bored and will talk to you

74.            Squall strength builds over the course of the night

75.            Night is when the serious racers beat the casual ones

76.            Look at the stars, just LOOK at them!

77.            Know where the Moon and Venus are

·       You won’t accidentally try to call them on the radio

78.            Know how to find Spica

·       It points the way to Oahu in the summer


79.            Your goal: finish before competition. Cover your fleet.

80.           South almost always has more wind.

81.             North is shorter.

82.            Read Stan Honey’s article.

83.            Know your polars (buy ‘em from USSailing).

84.           Straight lines are short, but slow

85.            Have agreement on tactical driving, gybes.  DDW = SLOW

86.           It’s all about CMG, baby!

87.            Wrong way = SLOW too


88.           Bring a video camera

89.           Have a half-way party

90.           Crew shirts

91.             Fishing is fun – a hand-line will do it for you

92.            Special Meals are fun too

93.            Participate in Childrens Hour

94.           Movies?  Sure!  Jaws? No.


95.            The sail through the reef is exciting, but safe

96.           The sail from the reef to KYC is a great reach

97.            Get maps and Oahu guides at, say, AAA

98.           There are coupons for many tourist spots

99.           Make your on-shore accommodation plans now

100.         Polynesian cultural center is very nice

·       Don’t be afraid to be a tourist

At Kaneohe

101.           Be sure to thank our hosts

102.          Attend EVERY SINGLE EVENT

·       We expect sell-outs on all events. Buy early

103.          No “seat saving” at Awards ceremony

104.         Small boats – Crane Day is Saturday, if there is one rented

105.          Get your stuff from the Container

·       Did you not ship anything? Have a MaiTai

The Return

106.         Shipping? Set it up now!

·       Easier from Mainland, trust me

·       Contact me for Shipping resources

107.          Crew Selection on Return as important as trip out

108.         Now you can pick friends, trainees, etc

·       But commitment to shared goals and safety remains #1

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