Ask a Vet

Ask a Vet

Revised: Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sylvia Singin' that Same Old SongWe Want to Help!

One of the best things about Pacific Cup is the spirit of Ohana ("family") that pervades our organization.  Fellow participants are always eager to lend a hand, or at least offer advice from a comfortable distance!

Below is a list of  folks willing to be contacted directly with your questions.  Please be cautioned that in all cases, the language of the race documents governs, and that only specific variations or interpretations from the technical committee or chief inspector, acting in their official capacities, may vary the rules.

  •  Mary Lovely (, Past Commodore and 8-time vet, likes to chat about preparing yourself and your crew (personal gear and the like), medical, and food.
  • Michael Moradzadeh ( Past Commodore, six-time veteran/comms boat, is willing to talk electronics, watch schedules, provisioning, emergency rudders, and issues for the non-sled racer.
  • Sylvia Seaberg (, Rear Commodore and Inspections Chair, willing to discuss, among other things, inspection considerations, how to negotiate the equipment requirements, emergency gear
  • Jim Quanci ( a 17-time vet, including those "other" Pacific Races, likes to discuss Doublehanded, Small Boats, Family programs, Doing it on a tight budget.

Truthfully, all of these folks are willing to discuss virtually ANY topic, and will be happy to address your questions or point you to someone who can.  Fair Winds!

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Former Commodore, and multiple-time Pac Cup crosser, mostly on Green Buffalo, Mary Lovely, PhD and RN, is not only about one of the nicest folks in the organization, she is extremely helpful, offering her time, advice, and enthusiasm to our efforts.  Her experience ranges from double-handed crossings to large boats with crews of 14.

Michael is a twelve-time Pacific Cup crosser.  Five (and a half) times on Cayenne, twice on VALIS, and four times on Oaxaca.  He served as communications boat or comms chair in 2002, 2004, 2006 (as backup), 2008, 2012 and 2014.  He's also crossed the Atlantic, which was not as fun.

A 17-time vet, including those "other" Pacific Races, Jim is presently Commodore of the Singlehanded Sailing Society.  He is well-known for his many passages, with family, and even singlehanded, aboard his Cal 40, Green Buffalo.

Sylvia has been enthusiastically sailing and racing on the bay and West Coast for 20 years. She starting racing on a Hawkfarm 28’, sailing it regularly in Bay Area and coastal races. After years of crewing aboard her Hawkfarm Eyrie in the OD, HDA and OYRA series she grabbed the helm and in 2002 began double-handing in the OYRA and SSS series with gal pal Synthia Petroka.


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