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                                Pacific Cup 2018 Participants:

Pasha Hawaii is in its second season sponsoring the Pacific Cup.  We are also in our second year offering a full complement of services in Hawaii preparing your boat for safe return home after the race.  There are two service options:

1.       Pure Ocean Port to port service.  We take your empty trailer to Hawaii and receive your boat on trailer in Honolulu to return back to either San Diego or LA per below schedule.

2.       Our ‘full service’ program includes move of trailer from Honolulu port to our storage yard in Kapolei (West Side of Oahu), haul-out of your yacht, de-rigging and loading of your yacht & rig etc. to the trailer for ocean transport.  Our partners on Sand Island are experts at de-rigging & preparing yachts for ocean transit.


Below is our vessel schedule in July-September time frame for 2018.  Trailers or yachts on trailer must be delivered the Friday prior to the vessel departure dates listed below.  Empty trailers must be picked up at Pier 1&2 in Honolulu between Wednesday and Friday after vessel arrival.  Boats on trailer arriving San Diego must be picked up between Thursday and Monday after vessel arrival.  Boats arriving Los Angeles can be picked up on Wednesday through Friday following vessel arrival.


                                Jean Anne   Jean Anne   Jean Anne   Jean Anne   Jean Anne   Jean Anne

Voyage:               337              338               339               340               341               342W_____

San Diego           June 27        July 11         July 25         Aug 8           Aug 22         Sep 5

Honolulu             July 2            July 16         July 30         Aug 13        Aug 27         Sep 10

San Diego           July 10          July 24        Aug 7            Aug 21         Sep 4           Sep 18


                                Marjorie C  Marjorie C  Marjorie C   Marjorie C  Marjorie C  Marjorie C

Voyage:              83                  84                 85                  86                 87                  88__________

Los Angeles       July 2            July 17         July 31         Aug 14         Aug 28         Sep 11

Honolulu            July 9            July 23         Aug 6           Aug 20          Sep 3           Sep 17

Los Angeles       July 16         July 30         Aug 13         Aug 27          Sep 10         Sep 24 


The boat yard we have partnered with in Hawaii is the University of Hawaii’s Marine Education Training Center on Sand Island.  Jim Maynard of PDF is providing scheduling and supervision of preparations with your on-site guidance welcome.  There is a boat lift, crane, forklifts, keel stand and a variety of marine tools on location.

Ocean Shipping Pricing between the Mainland and Hawaii:

Pasha started offering racers a very large discount from normal tariff rates years ago as part of our sponsorship and to encourage participation in the race. 

The Ocean Shipping Price for empty trailer moves to Hawaii is $2,000 <= 40’ in length and the eastbound yacht shipping on trailer is $15 per SqFt on greatest dimensions of your yacht not including trailer & mast.

*Boats above 45’ in length and over 12’ draft would require detailed review and a customized quote.

Hawaii trailer storage and yacht preparation Pricing:

1.       Island drayage for smaller ball hitch type trailers (3 separate moves) – Move empty trailer from Pier 1 to our storage facility in Kapolei (one month max), Position empty trailer from storage to Sand Island and move yacht on trailer to Pier 1 & 2.  (boats must be under 15’ tall, one lane wide & Mast on trailer less than 70’ long)                                                                                                                                                                   $900

Island drayage for larger 5th wheel type trailers (same 3 moves as above)     $1,600

2.       Pull yacht & rig, bubble wrap and secure to top deck for transport (incl. disconnect boom / electrical/electronics, mark turnbuckles, strap with chaf guards etc):

a.       Under 35’                                                                                                                            $1,975

b.       Under 45’                                                                                                                            $2,800

3.       Additional costs for set up of rented trailers (construct & set supports)

a.       Under 35’                                                                                                                            $340

b.       Under 45’                                                                                                                           $510


The above services 1-3 are a ‘package’ deal and we will only offer it as a complete package separate from Ocean shipping.  

Any delays for issues not caused by our crew with your yacht will be billed at an additional hourly rate of $40 per man hour to resolve and finish yacht preparation on trailer.  If you are planning to prepare and deliver your boat to us, please use Keehi Marine or someone with experience around ocean shipping.  You can send us pictures of loaded boat in advance of drop off to make sure it is properly secured and loaded for ocean transport.  Boats have been refused by our terminal supervision for insufficient securements on trailer and mast placement.  The doorway to the ships are 18’ or 20’ tall and yachts on trailer are backed up the ramp (stern first).  The ramp angle up to the door is approximately 7 degrees, so if your mast is long, set high on the boat or trailer andextends more than a few feet off the stern, it may be refused by terminal supervision to avoid damage during loading.  Due to ramp angle the mast should not be set low to the ground either.


Please fill out the questionnaire with your personal and boat information and email it back to Jim Maynard ( and Pasha ( for a formalized quotation.  Jim Maynard will be your contact in Hawaii for scheduling haul out of your yacht and preparation on the trailer.  Catherine is our ‘Yacht’ expert at Pasha and is your lead contact for trucking, storage and ocean transport.  Any questions regarding the service or pricing please utilize above email addresses or you can call Cathy Nugent directly at 415) 927-6570.  If you experience delay or have questions that are not being resolved, you may also contact Michael Pasha at ( or by phone at 415) 309-9399.


Pasha Hawaii Website - Vessel Schedule:


Yacht Trucking specialists:

Rob Reed, RD Reed Heavy Hauling, 619) 250-7060

Tom Cowan, San Diego Boat Movers, 619) 582-0700

Kevin Jones, Kevco, 714) 404-3852

Justin Moran, A&D Logistics, 619) 722-6113