The Fun Sail Back from Hawaii

Jim Quanci is meticulous in his preparations, and enthusiastic in his presentation.  Attached is his take on getting the boat home.  The introduction is set out below:

The Fun Sail Back from Hawaii

By: Jim Quanci

Few people on this earth have done more than a few passages back from Hawaii (folks like John Jourdane, Skip Allen and the Commodore) – so are really in a position to give a definitive view on how to “best” sail from Hawaii to the West Coast – and I am not one of them.  That said, having done the return trip four times on my Cal 40 Green Buffalo, I hope to share with you some of the things I have learned about how to make the trip home not a chore but a whole lot of fun.  My having raced to Hawaii from the West Coast a number of times, you might find it odd to hear that I find the voyage home to be more intellectually stimulating, emotionally fulfilling and just plain more enjoyable then the race over. 

I feel sorry for folks that have only raced to Hawaii – and missed the joys of the trip home (though I understand the time investment is large which makes sailing both ways for most people difficult to impossible).  Hopefully this article will give you a sense of just why that is – and how you can also have great fun getting your boat home.  Delivering your boat home from Hawaii is one of just a very few challenging and fun long distance passages in the world of sailing that unfortunately very few people have experienced.  I hope you can join the “club”! 

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