Sail Repair Suggestions, by Synthia Petroka

Petroka, Synthia

Sail repair kit

General items

  • Scissors – strong enough to cut boltrope Sailmakers palm – don’t scrimp here
  • Sailmakers needles Waxed hand sewing thread
  • Seam ripper Insignia cloth repair tape
  • Webbing Leather
  • Spare battens Denatured Alcohol
  • Ice pick or awl
  • Luff attachments
  • Slugs, slides, shackles, round rings

Take your sails to a loft to be checked

Sail Lofts:

Problem areas to check:

  • Head: Headboard, webbed rings, web loops
  • Luff attachments: Slugs/slides, grommets, shackles
  • Reefs: Pressed ring corrosion, intermediate points
  • Corners: Corner & sail body join
  • Leech: Leech line and cleats, Batten pockets
  • Stitching: Seams, UV covers

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