What kind of emergency help will be provided?

You must be prepared to complete the race without help, even with surprises.  Those who do not feel competent to address unforeseen situations should not venture offshore.

That rather harsh statement aside, we take seriously the moral and legal obligation of mariners to come to each other's aid.  The Pac Cup organizers, comms boat, and fellow sailors expect to work to provide communications links, advice, moral support, or direct physical aid where this can be done effectively and safely.

The US Coast Guard (and Mexican Coast Guard if you get real lost) stands always ready to provide assistance, either directly or by diverting commercial vessels.  This may require a few days, and may mean scuttling your vessel as salvage tools are rarely available.

Safety of life is our primary value.  We recognize that there is risk involved and expect all participants to work to avoid serious consequences.  We have never had a Pac Cup fatality.