A Model Fire Plan

Wolfgang Hauser

One of the better and more comprehensive fire plans we have run across, Wolfgang Hauser's fire plan for his well-prepared Koh-Ring is offered here and for download. Obviously, you should revise as needed for your own vessel.

Koh-Ring Fire Emergency Plan 3/27/2014        Wolfgang Hausen, Skipper

If engine fire:

  • Do not open any engine room compartment doors!
  • Shut fuel valves (2!) and return line valves (2!) in aft cabin under mattress, left side forward (4 valves total).
  • Take fire extinguisher off galley aft bulkhead and arm.
  • Locate engine room fire port on galley side and open cover.
  • Stick extinguisher nozzle through hole and pull trigger.
  • Use the second galley fire extinguisher if necessary.
  • Keep going until fire is extinguished.
  • After engine room has cooled off open compartment and check for anything still glowing.
  • Vent cabin; Crew may have to go topside for clean air.
  • Assess vessel safety: Possibly no engine or generator availability for propulsion and electricity generation. May need to sail to nearest port. If warranted call Coast Guard and advise of situation. Use portable VHF if main radio inoperable.

If galley fire:

  • Get fire blanket mounted behind large engine room door.
  • Snuff out fire with fire blanket.
  • Turn off gas supply breaker in galley.
  • Second crew close tank valve in aftdeck locker.
  • If unsuccessful remove fire extinguisher mounted on galley aft bulkhead and arm.
  • Aim at base of fire and pull trigger, with sweeping motions.
  • Do not use water ever!
  • After fire is safely extinguished vent cabin.
  • Check if any crew is injured. Treat if required.
  • May have to go topside until cabin air is breathable.

For electrical fire use fire extinguisher and follow steps above

[editor's note: should add "shut off electricity' instruction.

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