Crew Selection & Development

Corenman, Sue

Crew Selection & Development

1.  Compatibility – You want to get to Hawaii with a smile on your face.

2.  Great drivers – IMPORTANT

            -At least 2 per watch

-DRIVERS (not drivers) – someone who can drive through a windy, dark night and keep the boat on its feet!

3.  Choosing your crew

            Cheerful attitude

            Skilled sailors a plus

            Compatible – that word again

Mechanical skills – if the skipper isn’t, it pays to have a crew member who is

No prima donnas need apply!


4.  Now you have them, how to keep them

            Make sure the boat is in tip-top condition.

            Treat them with respect – no yelling!

            Listen to their suggestions


Remember, in the end you are the skipper. You are the one to make the hard calls and decisions.

5.  The 3 keys to a successful trip.




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