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  • First Fleets Start Monday

    Article - 07/08/2018 31 boats, prepared, trained, stocked, and rigged for Hawaii, are scheduled to start from the San Francisco Cityfront's St Francis Yacht Club on Monday to lead the 2018 Pacific Cup to Hawaii.Comprising two double-handed divisions, a cruising division, and a small but significant PHRF division, these boats will be the first of our 61-boat fleet to point their bows out to Hawaii. Most will carry a sacred ti leaf, brought from Hawaii and believed to help guide the boat ... more ...
  • Pac Cup Village Winds Down with Skippers' Meeting and Rum

    Article - 07/08/2018 The Mount Gay Bon Voyage party capped off a final official day of the Pacific Cup Village at Richmond Yacht Club.  Informative and cautionary talks at the Skippers Meeting ("don't hit the coral", "check the weather", "take pictures", "have fun) followed the handout of Skippers' bags with an assortment of swag and the paper and electronic binders that contain critical race documents. ... more ...
  • Wondering how we calculate scores?

    Article - 07/07/2018 Well, it's a lot of math.  An article from the chair of the tech committee can be found here that explains it all.  Possibly more than you want to know. ... more ...
  • Pac Cup race village is OPEN!!!

    Article - 07/03/2018 The race village for the 2018 Pacific Cup is officially open at Richmond Yacht Club! The start of the race is less than one week away and we've got a full schedule of fun and informative events to help kick off the 20th edition of the Pacific Cup! Alooooohhhha!!!! Full article here. ... more ...
  • Pacific Cup Village Opens with KAME RICHARDS on Downwind Driving

    Article - 07/02/2018 They're Already Gathering!Boats have been arriving at Richmond Yacht Club for a while now, and Sunday brunch at RYC saw many old and new faces.  The first "official" event will be Tuesday July 3. An early pasta buffet and then, at 5:30, Kame Richards will speak on Downwind Driving, followed by a cocktail hour.  Not to be missed for a mere $15. Buy tickets here. ... more ...
  • Sailing Instructions Posted

    Article - 06/15/2018 The Sailing Instructions for the 2018 Pacific Cup, the FUN race to Hawaii, have been posted.  See them here. ... more ...
  • Division Breaks and Start Times Announced

    Article - 06/12/2018 Pacific Cup Yacht Club has issued provisional division breaks. Some boats do not yet have final ratings certificates and, should they turn out to be rather different than expected, there will be adjustments. [edited 6/30]All told, there are eight divisions, divided primarily by rating.  The website and scoring systems will shortly be updated to reflect these.  Here is the breakdown:A. Coral Reef Sailing Apparel Division. PHRF-DW <= 615. Starts Monday, 7/9  ... more ...

    Press Release - 06/05/2018 Richmond, CA — The Pacific Cup Yacht Club is honored to announce that Satellite Phone Store is a supporting sponsor of “The FUN Race to Hawaii.” “Having a sponsor in the communications industry is a great fit for the Pacific Cup,” says Commodore Buzz Blackett. “Sailors are always looking for better ways to communicate at sea and the Satellite Phone Store provides several attractive rental and purchase options for our competitors.”
    ... more ...
  • Pac Cup Gear Store open

    Article - 05/21/2018 The Coral Reef gear store is open, featuring quality products with the Pacific Cup logo and emblem. Visit it now to score great gear that says "I'm in!' ... more ...

    Press Release - 05/09/2018 Pau Maui vodka, handmade from locally-sourced ingredients, will be featured at, and will be sponsoring, our Awards night event on July 27. PCYC welcomes this new sponsor and looks forward to hoisting a "Pacific Mule" at the event with you! ... more ...


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