Sleds Slide in to 2022 Race


Fast is Fun!

Until about a week ago, it was looking like an "old school" Pac Cup. Heavy on the 40-ish foot boats, with a larger than usual (21) share of double-handed entries.

Then WHAM! A flurry of classic and modern racing sleds showed up, likely turning the (presumed) ORR-1 and -2 divisions into a downhill drag race.  Let's take a look at the recent entries:

  • Pyewacket 70, Roy Disney's Volvo 70. Welcome back! Pyewacket, of course, curtailed their last Pacific Race to carry out a valiant rescue of a sinking boat.
  • Zvi, RP 55, Alan Lubner from Seattle
  • Sonic, TP52, Marek Omilian, also from Seattle
  • Shadow II, TP52 Peter McCarthy, Vancouver
  • Mist, our THIRD TP52, Stevan Johnson, Seattle. Kinda feel like the Pacific Northwest is telling us something, but I digress...
  • Westerly, Stuart Dahlgren's Santa Cruz 70 has been thinking about this for a while. Welcome! Victoria BC
  • J/World's Hula Girl, Santa Cruz 50 operated by J/World as a training boat under Wayne Zittel. Some training! They WON in 2016. We know of two other 50s considering it....
  • J/World's Cazan, DK 46, also in the program.
  • Hamachi, our second J/125. Andrews & Dougherty listed as skippers.  Seattle
  • Rage, David Raney's Wylie 70. It's the rage! Portland.

We can only assume that these bigger boat skippers and owners got together at a bar, perhaps at the Space Needle, or perhaps at the much more socially-distanced Halfway Cafe

Our entry count is at 78 right now. In addition to the sleds, we've seen a bunch of boats in the mid-range, from the celebrated Cal 40s, including Rodney Pimentel's Azure and Commodore Jim's Green Buffalo, to Surprise!, Bob Johnston's Alerion Express 38.  See the complete list here.

It's not too late to enter the race. Sign up here!