Seminars Announced for October through February

Liferaft Training

All hands! One thing that makes Pacific Cup different from other major ocean races is our extensive support for our participants, including our seminars (the "Pacific Offshore Academy").

Our first seminar will take place October 9 at Richmond Yacht Club. It'll focus on some of the longer lead-time items you'll need to plan for to have your boat in ocean-ready condition. These will include presentations by experts and race veterans as well as breakout small group discussions to get detailed advice and answers to your questions.

The agenda and speaker lineup are subject to change; here's the current plan:

  • Preparation timeline
  • Sail selection
  • Electrical
  • Communications gear
  • Challenging parts of the equipment requirements
  • Rigging
  • Sailing green
  • And more...

This will be a full day event and includes a box lunch, a post seminar cocktail party, and a cookie. If you ask nice, Hawkeye might let you out for a few minutes to watch the Blue Angels.

All events subject to COVID rules.

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But wait, there's more

And finally, the required Safety at Sea Seminar will be available to participants on November 20 and 21 (one day for course)

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