Pac Cup Race Dates

Fri. Jun 22, 2018 Inspection completion deadline

Any inspections completed after this date incur $200 fee, in addition to any late scheduling fee, except by advance arrangement with Chief Inspector for good cause.

Sat. Jun 23, 2018 Weighing for Ratings
Wed. Jun 27, 2018 Out Of Area PHRF due

Non Bay Area boats PHRF certificate deadline Last day for boats based outside the Bay Area to submit to PCYC signed NCPHRF certificate and ORR certificate (if applicable). Submission after this date incurs $200 fee plus $30 per day.

Sat. Jun 30, 2018 ORR New Sail certs due

Any ORR boat submitting its certification to PCYC after this date will incur an immediate late fee of $200, plus an additional late fee of $30 per day until the certificate is submitted.

Sat. Jul 07, 2018 Skipper's Meeting

Last day to correct inspection deficiencies. Boats missing this deadline may be denied entry

Mon. Jul 09, 2018 First Pacific Cup Starts

Monday's starts will be for our slowest-rated boats!  Thursday or Friday for our fastest.

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