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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 15:10


Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 15:10

Not much to report this month. The photo contest winners were just notified. I will be working with Susan Ruhne and Michelle Farabaugh to transition the marketing/communications and sponsorship activities when I’m back from my travels in mid-November.


Dear Pac Cup photo contest entrants,
First, my apologies for taking so long to judge the contest and send out this notification! Thank you all for participating in this year’s contest. There were so many great images submitted. After reviewing the submissions carefully we have our winners!
Grand Prize Winner 
Rebecca Hinden, Elan, for her collection of images depicting life aboard during the Pacific Cup. Excellent composition, lighting, and technical settings enabled Rebecca to capture the essence of this year’s Pacific Cup aboard a racing boat. Best photo overall: “Day 8 and it finally looks like the brochure”.
First Place Winners 
Creative: Dwayne Sullivan, Bear Boat, for his black and white abstract of the ocean. Duane clearly put some effort into his creative shots of waves and sunsets, and also captured nice images of life aboard including some golfing.
MacGyver Would be Proud: Darrel Jensen, Alternate Reality, for his excellent images of the jury-rigging required to sail Alternate Reality safely home after demasting. Darrel’s images demonstrate excellent composition and exposure.
The Joy of Sailing: Jorge Pearce, Pacem, for capturing his crew mates clearly loving the sail to Hawaii.
Sunrise / Sunset: Angel Rodriguez, Albion. Angel’s two sunrise/sunset images are well composed and exposed.
Rainbow: Mark Werder, Nicole. Nice composition and lighting. Pretty good for an for an iPhone 5s!
Fish Story: Carlos Cadiente, Cassiopeia, for his nicely composed and lit crew/fish portrait. 
Honorable Mentions: 
Sunrise / Sunset: Marilyn Vonschalscha, Agasea; David Voss, Runaway
MacGyver: Marilyn Vonschalscha, Agasea; Lynn Baldwin, Redhead; Gary Troxel, Tiki Blue
Rainbow:  David Voss, Runaway
The Joy of Sailing: Scott Dickinson and Kim Worsham, Tiki J
Weather: Larry Baskin, Bullet
Thanks, Coast Guard: Jeff Duvall, Riva
The Grand Prize winner will receive a coupon for an 11" x 14” ($70) print of the image of their choice.
First Place winners will receive a coupon for an 8” x 10” ($30) print of the image of their choice.
All winners and honorable mentions will receive 20% off all prints ordered from the Rockskipper Photography website.
You will received the coupon codes in a separate email with a couple of days.
Thanks again for your participation!