Pacific Offshore Academy: Electrical Systems

From Malcolm's Article:

"The purpose of this section is to help you review the electrical system on board your vessel and make any necessary upgrades in order to meet the challenges of an extended offshore race.

The electrical system on board your vessel is every bit as important as the main structural parts of the boat. A failure of a critical part in the vessel's electrics in the middle of the Pacific Ocean could be just as life-threatening as a dismasting; without power you risk losing the ability to navigate or communicate to shore and other vessels. The rigors of the race will put a huge demand on every component of the vessel, and the electrics are often overlooked until something fails. For most boats, the engine and alternator are the heart of this critical system, yet it is amazing how many high dollar race boats have poorly-maintained engines, bad wiring, or both. If the engine is rusty, crusty, oily, and poorly maintained it will surely cause problems later when you need it most."

Download the PDF to read about everything you can think of (and possibly some things you didn't) about your boat's electrical system.

Electrical.pdf (211.77 KB)

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