Medical Preparation for a Trip to Hawaii

John Taussig

John Taussig, director of Back Country Medical Guides and an E.M.T., walks us through the considerations and preparation steps you'll want to address before heading offshore.

Attached are his slides and related documents.

Following the seminar, John passed on the following note:

"I realized yesterday, that although the first aid kit lecture is on a lot of peoples minds, it’s not always the most satisfying lecture because you didn’t tell them exactly what they needed to buy! I hope that it wasn’t too anecdotal, and had some useful parts. 

Thanks for hopping on the call Adam [of GWU, our emergency consultant service], that was really useful to have you there.

Also, I didn’t want to peddle kits or training too much, but we were recently cleared to distribute the My Medic Boat Kit (and Adventure Medical Kits) as a fundraiser for our scholarship program. The Kits are sold for the lowest possible price and the entire profit is donated to scholarships for Maritime safety."

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