Pacific Cup Launches Green Pages and Initiative

Expanding on our relationship with Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana, Pacific Cup is collecting its resources and advice relating to an environmentally sensitive race and surrounding events. As described on our Green landing page, Our actions include:

  • Creating a new category in our Knowledgebase called "Green" and are populating it with new and existing materials
  • Working with our event venues to reduce waste and single-use plastics
  • Teaming with environmental organizations to support their missions, educational efforts, and direct projects
  • Inviting racers to participate in "Citizen Science" observation and tagging projects (mostly on the Hawaii to mainland voyages)
  • Fully paperless entry and communications scheme

For more information about our efforts, our partners, and our online resources, visit our Green landing page.

To learn how your organization can become aligned with Pacific Cup, please contact our Environmental Officer, Rowena Carlson:

To learn how you can come on board to help sponsor this important initiative, please contact our Sponsorships Chair, Caitlin Gutekunst:

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