--04/13/2018 (Press Release)
    Mount Gay returns to sponsor one of our most popular events: the Bon Voyage party. ... more ...
  • Latitude 38: Racers from afar

    --02/19/2018 (Article)
    It's interesting to find out what possesses some folks to travel long distances to participate in the Pacific Cup. In the 2014 edition, you may recall that it was Rob Date and crew who made the event a part of Scarlet Runner's around-the world cruising/racing journey from Melbourne, Australia. The R/P 52 won that Pac Cup overall, winning the Latitude 38 Performance Award and taking first place in ORR with a course time of 7 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes, 18 seconds.Although Scarlet Runner may have ... more ...
  • Upcoming Seminars: Medical and Safety at Sea

    --02/07/2018 (Article)
    February 24 at RYC, a day of medical information to keep your boat healthy and respond to issues, including an overview of our in-race support system.  Sign up here.Safety at Sea Seminars, April 14 or 15 (you choose). These qualify for the World Sailing two-day certificate of completion and are required for a portion of your crew in the 2018 Pacific Cup and many other leading races.  Sign up here. ... more ...
  • All-Star Lineup for Jan 13 Seminar

    --01/04/2018 (Article)
    Join us on Saturday, January 13, 2018.  Our prep seminar will advance on several themes begun in previous seminars, with follow-on sessions on VHF radio installation and operation (led by Eric Steinberg of Farallon Electronics), along with a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) demonstration.&n ... more ...
  • Winter/Spring Course Dates Announced

    --11/21/2017 (Article)
    One thing that sets Pac Cup apart from other major races is the range and extent of preparation courses offered.
    Our seminar coordinators have selected the dates of our upcoming courses, doing their best to avoid trampling regattas you might be doing.  Here's a listing of those, and other items:
    ... more ...
  • Group Weighing dates announced

    --10/28/2017 (Article)
    In our never-ending effort to make our entrants' run-up to the 2018 Pacific Cup smoother, we've worked out a series of dates to get your boats weighed. The weight information is needed for Certified PHRF-DW ratings. While ORR boats will already have this, many PHRF boats have never been weighed. Most are surprised, usually pleasantly, by the number that shows up when they "step on the scale." ... more ...
  • Ratings, Qualifying Voyage, in NOR Update

    --10/18/2017 (Article)
    An NOR amendment adds specifics of ratings, qualifying voyage, emergency steering and due dates.Entries are open, and the race is filling out nicely with a recent spate of sleds. ... more ...
  • The Pacific Cup — New and Old, Ready for the 20th Edition

    --09/26/2017 (Article)
    Since the inaugural edition in 1980, the Pacific Cup has drawn from a diverse spectrum of sailors and yachts. It was that first year when Bill Lee's 67' Merlin entered with her long, narrow, surf-inspired hull, reaching Hawaii in just over 10 days and winning the first-to-finish trophy. Dean Treadway's well-known Farr designed One-Tonner Sweet Okole won her division as well. ... more ...
  • Help Hurricane Victims

    --09/22/2017 (Article)
    Like most, we are shocked by the devastation and damage caused by the recent storms across the Caribbean. While the Pacific Cup has, in its 19 races to date, only been lightly brushed by a few major storms, we are deeply aware of the tremendous power that high winds can carry.Many of us have had wonderful experiences sailing among and visiting the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and our hearts go out to the victims there. While many of us are individually supporting a range of relief efforts ... more ...
  • October Seminar Line-up Announced

    --09/12/2017 (Article)
    October 21!  Richmond YC.  A dazzling array of subjects and speakers.  Signups are open.For more information, see the sign-up page. ... more ...


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