• Starting Galleries and Videos

    --07/13/2018 (Article)
    We've collected some of our favorite starting shots and videos for you to relive the thrilling starts.
    YouTube Video Playlist with our 2018 Videos is here (Credit Ronnie Simpson)The latest video, Friday, can be found here. It'll get your blood racing.Click any of the below for your favorite starting gallery (Credit: Erik Simonson)
    ... more ...
  • And they're off! BMW of San Rafael E division sets sail.

    --07/13/2018 (Article)
    With the start of the BMW of San Rafael E division, all eight divisions in the 2018 Pacific Cup are now on course and racing to Hawaii. ... more ...
  • Friday July 13 race report

    --07/13/2018 (Article)
    A Fond le Girafon still leads on line honors, but the J/120 Jamani has taken over as your new overall handicap race leader! Southerly boats in the first wave beginning to slow while Wednesday and Thursday fleets are favoring the north route over this wind hole. Final fleet starts today! ... more ...
  • Thursday July 12 race report

    --07/12/2018 (Article)
    Wednesday starters are underway, though in light, sticky conditions. Monday starters still smoking along with A Fond le Girafon out front, Green Buffalo leading on corrected and Motorcycle Irene crushing it in the Express fleet. ... more ...
  • Fleet Gets Chatty

    --07/12/2018 (Article)
    In the daily 8 am check-in, we invite boats to include a "message for the world". They're starting to respond.  Here's what we saw this morning: ... more ...
  • Break On Through...

    --07/12/2018 (Article)
    As forecast, the Wednesday starters are having a challenging time breaking through a patch of light air directly across their course to Hawaii.  While the Monday starters are enjoying beam winds in the 16-knot range, Wednesday's children are likely bobbing and slatting in very little breeze, reminiscent of the 2000 race and a few others.  These light air conditions are not the norm for SF Bay sailors, and they can easily fray nerves and sails. ... more ...
  • Second wave of starts are under way!

    --07/11/2018 (Article)
    Seventeen boats in two divisions took to the starting line of the 20th Pacific Cup today. Aloha to the Weems & Plath B Division and the Alaska Airlines C division! ... more ...
  • Wednesday July 11 morning race report

    --07/11/2018 (Article)
    A Fond le Girafon still leading on line honors, Green Buffalo leading overall, Motorcycle Irene leading the Express 27 fleet.

    A huge north-south split is developing as the fleet sails towards light air and the Wednesday starters prepare to get underway.
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  • Zipper is Zipping Along. Starting Area Tracking

    --07/11/2018 (Article)
    Don't believe what you see on the tracking page!  Zipper is just fine. Her tracker appears to have gotten some water incursion which is ... bad for electronics.  Zipper has a second tracker from which we are getting positions.For those watching the starts today, we invite you to the "experimental" tracker page which blends realtime starting area positions with race-delayed offshore positions. ... more ...
  • Departure Photos Online

    --07/10/2018 (Article)
    Worth a thousand words, pictures often tell the story. Our start-line photo team (Erik Simonsen, Ronnie Simpson and a few volunteers) is busy uploading on-the-water, drone, and deck shots of our starters.Sorted by division.  Find them here. ... more ...


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