• Equipment List Posted

    --07/24/2013 (Article)
    The race start just got a little closer.  As advertised, the 2014 Pacific Cup Equipment List has been finalized, approved, and posted.  See it on the Race Documents page.   This list is the result of many hours of work, and consultation with experts and other sailors.  Some of the larger changes from 2012 are:  ... more ...
  • Make that 53

    --07/17/2013 (Article)
    The entries just keep on coming!  We'd just finished celebrating our 52nd entry when it's eclipsed by number 53.  Yes, it's Eclipse, the Erkelens-powered Moore 24.  These sturdy little boats have a good history at Pac Cup, often viewed as "spoilers" for their exceptional performances in many conditions, sneaking in to take a trophy from a more (ahem) comfortable boat.  At 24 feet, it's a good double-hander, and that's the division Eclipse has entered.The picture?  That's from Josh on Summer ... more ...
  • Start Dates Announced, New for 2014

    --01/09/2013 (News)
    Races will start the week of July 6, 2014. Many new enhancements planned for the 2014 race, including sponsorship, pre-race events, and a cruising division. ... more ...
  • Pacific Offshore Academy Announced for 2013.

    --12/10/2012 (News)
    Attention Offshore Sailors, Cruisers and RacersBack by Popular Demand: the Pacific Offshore Academy will continue its highly-regarded seminar series with two events scheduled in 2013, addressing many topics key to any offshore voyage. The dates for 2013 will be June 23 and October 19. ... more ...


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