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  • The Rich Get Richer

    Article - 07/19/2016 The wind this year has favored the front of the fleet, with today’s leaders seeing about 4 kts more than those in the back of the fleet. The wind direction is allowing front-runners to point straight to the finish, fueling Mas! and Wolfpack with VMG speeds akin to the Santa Cruz 50s.

    The first boats in the fleet will cross the 200 mile mark tonight, triggering the transition of the YB Tracker from a 6 hour delay to real time.
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  • Pac Cup Fleet Flying to Hawaii!

    Press Release - 07/18/2016 Point Richmond, CA, July 18, 2016 – The 2016 Pacific Cup racers are crossing their halfway point, and the fleet is flying along in 20kt winds which will likely to carry them all the way to the finish. The spinnakers are up, crews are drying out, and the rides are fast. The boats are now in what Stan Honey refers to as the "slot car" segment of the race, with most having gybed to a position that should carry them all the way to Hawaii. ... more ...
  • Sunday, July 17 Update

    Article - 07/17/2016 Halfway to Hawaii! Overnight, the first of the racers reached their halfway point, but it's likely that there wasn't a lot of time for celebration given the big breeze carrying them along at top speeds. The forecast still looks strong and near perfect for the entire fleet with wind speeds in the high teens to mid 20s. Concerns about the tropical storms are waning, with Cecilia moving off to the north and hurricane Darby forecast to weaken to a tropical storm and ... more ...
  • Saturday – July 16 Update

    Article - 07/16/2016 Nicole's tracker has run out of battery power and will be reporting her position to the communication's boat, Rapture. We've now heard from Cetacea, reporting that everyone is well but they suffered a ruddder/steering problem which has now been fixed, but with damage to their emergency rudder they are returning to California. ... more ...
  • Big Winds, Big Seas for the Big Dogs - The Maxis Started Today

    Press Release - 07/15/2016 Point Richmond, CA, July 15, 2016 – Big boats, big winds, big seas. Friday's final start of the 2016 Pacific Cup showcased maxis at their best, with a clean start and a huge port tack lift that carried the yachts quickly under the Golden Gate Bridge. The BMW of San Rafael Division comprises the fastest of the ORR-rated boats and consists primarily of professionally crewed boats. These entries are eyeing not only the overall Pacific Cup, but the Fastest Passage ... more ...
  • Brisk Winds, Fast Speeds for Pasha Hawaii Division (ORR D) Start

    Press Release - 07/15/2016 Point Richmond, CA, July 15, 2016 – Seasoned offshore racers know not to take too many risks at the start of a 2,000 nm race. So even though Thursday’s sustained winds were under 20 knots at the start, half the boats in Pasha Hawaii Division (ORR D) played it safe and reefed their mains before hitting the line. ... more ...
  • Two More Heading Back to California

    Article - 07/15/2016 Just a quick update - Serenity has turned around due to a non-emergency crew injury. Cruiser Cetacea has also turned back, but at this time the reason is unknown. She is relying solely on SSB communications, so communications is more limited than for boats with sat phones. The communications boat will be relaying information as they receive it, and we will provide updates as we have them. ... more ...
  • Cruisers? This Division Looks Like It’s Racing

    Press Release - 07/14/2016 Point Richmond, CA, July 14, 2016 – Did someone forget to tell the 2016 Pacific Cup Latitude 38 Cruising Division that they’re supposed to be taking it easy? Three days after their barging start, cruisers are dominating the front of the fleet. Here’s a secret: although the skippers may say they are focusing on the “fun” in the Pacific Cup’s tagline “the FUN race to Hawaii” many of the skippers and crew bring decades of sailing and racing experience along with ... more ...
  • Two More Returning to the Stable

    Article - 07/13/2016 Better safe than sorry! Velocity is returning home after her fresh water tanks became contaminated with salt water. The experts at Maritime Medical Access advised them that drinking the water could be hazardous, so they sadly turned around. Read the details in their blog. Mirthmaker has also had to turn around due to a non-life-threatening crew injury. ... more ...
  • Strong Offshore Winds Challenge a Few Boats

    Article - 07/13/2016 Everyone appears to be in for a realtively quick race to Hawaii with typically strong winds offshore and the Pacific High poised to move to its desired location. Most are handling it well, however a few have been forced back. Overnight we learned that the double handed Express 27, Alternate Reality, had dismasted, and is heading toward Santa Barbara. Their communication was calm and professional, and there were no reports of any injuries. Skipper Darrel Jensen, ... more ...


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