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Keep up with the latest news as it arrives. Anecdotes, Announcements, Advice, and more to keep up with our great race.

We'll be having several seminars, parties and more. You won't want to miss any of them!  See past editions below.This archive contains about half of the actual newsletters sent out to the general public, since many notices overlap from issue to issue.


  • The Pacific Cup — Unparalleled Race Preparation and Support

    Sailing to Hawaii from the West Coast is a bucket list must-do for many racers and cruisers. But for first-timers, the planning and preparation for a Pacific crossing are daunting tasks. While the digital age has made the voyage to Hawaii safer than ever, novice adventurers face new hurdles: ever-changing safety requirements, choosing between multiple navigation and communications options, and busy work and home lives. Additionally, some ocean races cater predominately to high-end professional... more ... more ...


  • Pasha Hawaii Sponsors 2016 Pacific Cup

    Pac Cup organizers have announced that Pasha Hawaii will be providing sponsorship and support to the 2016 Pacific Cup.  In addition to a contribution to support the race, Pasha's shipping service will be available to help take boat trailers over and ship boats home at advantageous rates.  Many of our participants have used Pasha in the past and report excellent experiences with them. For information about their offer to Pac Cup racers, see their Sponsor Page. ... more ...


  • Looking Back - The First Pacific Cup

    By Ross Tibbits for PCYCOcean racing between California and Hawaii has a long and storied history. This exciting and beautiful passage has been luring intrepid racers for over a century. Although the Pacific Cup is the youngest member of an elite club of races — it celebrates 36 years next summer — it is certainly not the least challenging. Initially billed as the Kauai Race, it has remained true to its founding principals to be a fun yet competitive race. Taking a look back, it’s interesting... more ... more ...


  • Equipment Rules Posted

    Building on the new, streamlined USSailing Safety Equipment Requirements, the Pacific Cup Equipment Rules provide our entrants with a straightforward set of guidelines to install baseline safety gear on their boats. Together, these documents specify a common set of items, from lifelines to liferafts, emergency signals and communications, and even a specified minimum amount of water to carry. ... more ...


  • Alaska Airlines Sponsorship

    Alaska Airlines has upped its support of the FUN race to Hawai'i by adding sponsorship of our popular Pacific Offshore Academy seminar series and again supporting a division and a Pacific Cup Village evening. Many friends and participants have taken advantage of Alaska Airlines' special Pac Cup discounts to and from Hawai'i, and still more will likely do so in 2016. (See press release)  E komo mai...Welcome! ... more ...


  • Preparation Seminars - Pacific Offshore Academy

    Still time to sign up for the Alaska Airlines Pacific Offshore Academy. We often say "the race begins when you decide to enter," but really, the race begins when you start to prepare your boat. Whether you're racing or cruising, and whether you're entering the Pac Cup or doing some other passage entirely, our famous Preparation Seminars (aka the Pacific Offshore Academy) will speed you on your way to completion. ... more ...


  • Flocking Together: One-Design, Team, and Family Trophies

    The FUN race can be extra fun when racing with or against someone similar. We're recruiting hard for one-design divisions, with great promise shown in Cal 40, Santa Cruz 50, and Express classes. With a sufficient boat count (and interest by the participants), a one-design division sailing either boat-for-boat or handicapped may be declared. ... more ...


  • Life Begins at 32 ... entries, that is

    With the recent entry of Limitless, an Express 37 out of SBYRC (Southern California), our entry count reached 32. She's not alone in the newest crop: Mark and Shana have somewhat whimsically entered their as-yet unpurchased boat to be named War Pony II. In the "I actually have a boat" division, we have been joined by Shadowside, a fully-crewed ketch under Lad Burgin; Endeavour 38 Serendipity, under Mark Stickel; Rick Niello's ride is Ticket II, a Jenneau 57.But wait, there's more!  ... more ... more ...


  • Sonnen BMW returns as Pac Cup Sponsor

    Here comes trouble  We are pleased to announce Sonnen BMW as the Flagship Sponsor of the 2016 Pacific Cup. As they did for the 2014 race, Sonnen BMW is sponsoring both the Bon Voyage Party and a named division of the race.
    In addition, Sonnen BMW’s General Manager, Andy Costello, has just entered the 2016 race in his J/125, Double Trouble, to challenge... more
    ... more ...


  • See us at Strictly Sail Pacific

    April 11 is "Pac Cup Day!".  Many of our long-time participants got their start at the Boat Show. Hear the introductory presentation, chat with veterans, connect with old and new friends.  Heck, buy a boat!  Come on in and enjoy the show. ... more ...