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Pasha Hawaii

We work to keep our competitors and supporters up on all the latest information about the race. Our main tools are this website and our newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on this page.

05/01/2016 (Article)

  • A Few NOR Updates

    Fine-tuning the race in response to new information and understanding a few things better, the Technical Committee has released a few minor upgrades to the Notice of Race.  They are reflected in the posted race documents.  Summarized, these changes are: ... more ...

04/04/2016 (Article)

  • Pacific Cup Village and Kaneohe Event Tickets

    Now OpenWe think some folks just race for the parties. Others, of course, race for the prizes.  We'll have both at our awards party, and enjoyment galore at our entire line up of Pac Cup Village and KYC events.  Many of these sell out, so you'll want to get your tickets early!  Here's the link to our "shop", where you can find those tickets and more!Or, as one unnamed competitor described our program: "a short race, part inshore - part offshore which interrupts some really good ... more ...

02/18/2016 (Article)

  • Medical Materials and Resources Presented at Seminar

    Medical experts presented to a full house (100 sailors) in February on topics ranging from immersion, to shock, to pre-departure planning. Attendees reported great satisfaction with the presentations as well as additional resources made available to participants in the 2016 Pacific Cup. Two key resources presented at the seminar are the on-water medical advice that will be available during the race and specialized courses available to smaller groups.A group called "Back Country Medical Guides ... more ...

12/14/2015 (Press Release)

  • PCYC to Provide Maritime Medical Access to Pacific Cup Sailors

     Pt. Richmond, CA, December 14, 2015 – The Pacific Cup Yacht Club (PCYC) is pleased to announce a partnership with The GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) to provide their Maritime Medical Access (MMA) services to sailors during the 2016 Pacific Cup. This service provides race participants with remote 24/7 access to board certified emergency medicine physicians for assistance in managing any medical emergencies that may occur while at sea on the way to Hawaii or on the return to the ... more ...

10/28/2015 (Article)

  • New: Bill Lee "Wizard" Trophy

    Bill Lee's Merlin handily won the inaugural Pacific Cup in 1980. His designs ushered in a generation of ultra-light boats that embodied his "Fast is Fun" philosophy.
    Recognizing his contributions, Pacific Cup has announced a new trophy: the Bill Lee "Wizard" Trophy for best performance by a Lee-designed boat.
    ... more ...

10/28/2015 (News)

10/09/2015 (Article)

  • The Pacific Cup — Unparalleled Race Preparation and Support

    Sailing to Hawaii from the West Coast is a bucket list must-do for many racers and cruisers. But for first-timers, the planning and preparation for a Pacific crossing are daunting tasks. While the digital age has made the voyage to Hawaii safer than ever, novice adventurers face new hurdles: ever-changing safety requirements, choosing between multiple navigation and communications options, and busy work and home lives. Additionally, some ocean races cater predominately to high-end professional ... more ...

10/07/2015 (News)

09/08/2015 (Article)

  • Pasha Hawaii Sponsors 2016 Pacific Cup

    Pac Cup organizers have announced that Pasha Hawaii will be providing sponsorship and support to the 2016 Pacific Cup.  In addition to a contribution to support the race, Pasha's shipping service will be available to help take boat trailers over and ship boats home at advantageous rates.  Many of our participants have used Pasha in the past and report excellent experiences with them. For information about their offer to Pac Cup racers, see their Sponsor Page. ... more ...

08/06/2015 (Article)

  • Looking Back - The First Pacific Cup

    Ocean racing between California and Hawaii has a long and storied history. This exciting and beautiful passage has been luring intrepid racers for over a century. Although the Pacific Cup is the youngest member of an elite club of races — it celebrates 36 years next summer — it is certainly not the least challenging. Initially billed as the Kauai Race, it has remained true to its founding principals to be a fun yet competitive race. Taking a look back, it’s interesting to see what it was like ... more ...