RYC/PCYC Liaison Update - Tim Knowles 10.17.16

Not much to report.  I have happily turned the party planning over to Diana, Melinda and Gary.
The PCV accounting has been finalized and approved by Harold and a check will be cut by RYC to PCYC to reconcile the numbers.
Not sure if I will make the meeting.  If I don't, let this message convey my HUGE thanks to all of you folks for the work that you have done and for the pleasure of being a part of such an effective and productive group.

SAS Update - Pat Lowther 9.19.16

SAS update:
The EYC club manager approached me last week to again host the 2 day SAS seminar at their club.  He gave 3 dates of which one was thrown out due to the Vallejo race.  Leaving Mother's Day weekend and Opening Day on the bay.
Chuck Hawley confirmed he is available either  April 29-30 or May 13-14.   I've gone back to the EYC club manager to make sure they can accommodate us on either 

Web update - Michael Moradzadeh 9.19.16

Remaining somewhat quiet, but a few activities

1.  Configuring online "third party" vote tallying for upcoming elections. This will provide a secure method of vote collection, isolated from any interested party's hand.

2.  Assembling team for 2018 web support, including overhaul of look and feel and overhaul of underlying performance.  It's time to build fresh, while preserving valued content. (Hinden, Kral, et al)


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