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Standing Rigging

Careful inspection and preparation of the spars and rigging is essential prior to any voyage offshore. Embarking on the Pacific Cup is an undertaking that is likely to be the equivalent of many years of use for the average boat. To put this into perspective, sailing the Pacific Cup is the equivalent distance as sailing from the Blackhaller Buoy to the Blossom Rock Buoy 679.8 times. Many Bay sailors have not done that in a lifetime. Now, if you decide you are going to sail back too…….

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A rigging preparation primer for your downwind ride to Hawaii


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By Bruce Schwab

As you prepare for the West Marine Pacific Cup, you’ll hear this over and over: “This (fill in the blank) is really, really important, don’t skimp on the bucks on this one or you’ll be screwed.” I wish I could say it is a different situation with the ropes on your boat, but alas, it is not. On a long ocean race, problems with halyards and running rigging are among the most common of failures. Here are some suggestions:

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