Getting Organized

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Getting ready to race

Now that you’ve decided to do the Pacific Cup, your safety, your enjoyment, and your competitive performance will depend more on your preparation than on your vessel or your crew.  For you, the race has already started; you’ll spend more time in preparation than you will sailing.  A well prepared boat and crew is safe, fun and fast; good goals for any off-shore passage. 

Energy Management Administrator Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:53

The production of adequate electric power to perform your lighting and communications requirements, as well as any cooling, inside lighting, navigation and other modern conveniences you may require is important to a safe and comfortable passage.  Electrical failure is a common, and preventable cause of boats turning back after the start.

Many skippers take their boats "off the grid" for a month or so before the race to reveal any weaknesses in their charging and battery systems.