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Maritime Medical Access

For 2016, we've contracted with Maritime Medical Access, a service based out of George Washington University, to provide remote medical consultations for our sailors who may require advice while underway.  Medical situations on-board can be particularly troubling without access to expert advice, and have the risk of developing into more serious conditions without appropriate treatment.

Medical Preparation for the Pacific Cup - 2016

For a yacht preparing for the Pacific Cup being able to cope with a medical emergency at sea will be a significant factor in contributing to a favorable outcome. The potential exposure due to the distance, the availability of direct professional medical assistance and the level of care that might be available should be taken into account in assembling the components of a suitable medical kit and the training of individuals onboard.

PREVENT Medical Emergencies

Prevent_Medical Emergencies
by John H. Wright, MD

Health and safety at sea, particularly under the stress of racing, requires planning and preparation for ultimate success. It is quite important to acquire an appropriate medical kit and know how and when to use it. It is more important to prepare so that it will not be needed; -i.e., “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”