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Where should I stay in Hawaii?
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Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

by Steve Hunt

OK, so you made it in the “Fun Race to Hawaii!” Why not go for a “Fun Cruise” of some of the Hawaiian Islands before returning to the rat race? That’s just what my wife Marilyn and I did a few weeks after we finished the 1994 West Marine Pacific Cup race.

Everyone knows how important preparation is for the race. Well, it’s just as important for a successful cruising adventure.

Finding Kaneohe Bay

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by Louis Ickler

Finding Kaneohe Bay is not difficult, but it can be confusing, especially if this is your first time. The mental image you have may not be what you will see. At the end of a long race across the ocean most of us are eager to get in and there is a temptation to skip some of the navigational details. DON'T DO IT!