How to Pack Like a Pro for an Ocean Crossing

When it comes to sailing across an ocean, Quantum Pacific’s Will Paxton says less is more.

With some 20 Pacific crossings under his belt, Quantum Pacific’s Will Paxton knows a little something about what to take—and what not to take—when packing your bag for an ocean race. And, Paxton says it can all fit into one carry on bag.

“It’s eat, sleep, sail. You’ll find out pretty quick there’s not much time for anything else,” he says. “I brought a book with me the first couple times to Hawaii, and I never opened it once.”

What to Bring and Wear

What to Bring & Wear

You are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – a Pacific crossing! You’ve read the books, attended seminars but one question remains – what to wear? The following information should help you in your preparation for the West Marine Pacific Cup Race to Hawaii or any extended ocean passage from cooler waters to a warm climate.