Preparation Timeline for 2020

Sunday, January 27, 2019

 Year 2020 Pacific Cup "Preparation Timeline"

Hang this where you will see it - like on your refrigerator or over the nav station!

If you have any questions on any of this drop us (Mary Lovely and Jim Quanci) a line by phone (+1-415-441-4461) or e-mail ( or We love to talk to Pacific Cuppers and have competed in the race several times. This is not an "official" race document that is recognized by higher powers so if you are interested in the "legal details" check out the Notice of Race for the "official" last word.


Spring 2019

(__) This is a good time for me to get a boat or start making friends with boat owners.

(__) I am working to add to the skills that I will need to have a fun, safe, and successful race, including Spinnaker handling, systems repair, night driving, and cooking.

(__) I will get a jump on things and attend the 2019 Safety at Sea seminar.  At least 30% of the crew must complete International Hands-On session and a further 30% must attend that, or a classroom "Offshore Safety at Sea" session, or the online version

Summer 2019

(__) I will sail. Offshore and overnight if I can, but I will sail.

October 2019

(__) Time to enter if I really want to do the race and avoid any chance of ending up on an entrant waiting list.

(__) My crew and I  will attend a PCYC Pacific Offshore Academy

December 2019

(__) Invited people I want as crew. (Or got invited) Christmas time is a good time to lock down who your crew is - so they can set aside the time with their family and boss. People I am inviting as crew are -

_____________________ ___________________

_____________________ ___________________

_____________________ ___________________

_____________________ ___________________

If you need crew - check out the crew list on the PacCup web site 

(__) I don't own an offshore liferaft or have the required pyrotechnics (flares and the such) and to save money am considering renting them. Contacted the rental company and put down a deposit. Note liferaft rental companies have been known to rent out all their equipment as early as October. Maybe a past entrant is selling their liferaft and pyrotechnics?

January 2020

(__) Called my travel agent and crew about making lodging reservations. There are no hotels near Kaneohe Yacht Club and what lodging there is sells out early - so don't delay booking lodging or your options will be VERY limited. Some lodging ideas to give your travel agent are B&B's in Kaneohe or Kailua (very reasonable rates), or renting a house in Kailua (where the regular folks live) or Lanikai (beautiful area but on the pricier side). You can find more about lodging at the PacCup web site at /kb/housing-kaneohe. Picking the date you may arrive, and your lodging reservation should start, can be tricky and depends on how risk averse you are. It is wonderful to have a bed to go to when you arrive - though renting a place you don't use because you finished a bit late doesn't feel good either.

(__) Made a decision and arrangements for how I will get the boat home. If I want to hire a captain to bring the boat back - now is the time to book one. You may be able to find a delivery skipper in the crew list. If that doesn’t work, send us an e-mail if you need the names of a few delivery captains - If you have a small boat (<40 feet) and a trailer - you can readily ship your boat home on a barge. For boat shipping details, check out detailed information that will be posted on the PacCup web site in the Fall

(__) I went back to the PacCup website where I reviewed and completed all details on my boat and crew in time to make it in the Race Guide. I know my crew will never let me forget it if they aren't in the Race Guide. I have avoided feeling embarrassed every time my family and crew look at the Race Guide.

(__) I have a production boat so I applied for my Northern California PHRF Certificate by February 1. It can take a few months to get your rating certificate which you need to apply for from YRA, get back and mail to PCYC - all before May. You can learn more including downloading the PHRF application form at So why wait until the last minute? If I had a one off custom boat, I would have had to get an ORR (Offshore Racing Rule aka Americap II) rating -


February 2020

(__) My crew and I attended  PCYC Pacific Offshore Academy , if that's when it is!

(__) Have figured out what to do for emergency steering. Before the race, I have to sign in blood that I have beat and run in 10 knots+ breeze with my emergency steering- not easy unless I have an honest for goodness real emergency rudder. It takes time to develop and build an effective system. You can find a discussion of systems in the knowledgebase on the PCYC website.

March 2020

(__) My boat is all prepared to go to Hawaii and I just need to spend more time getting to know my crew and – if I am a serious racer - practicing sailing at night with the spinnaker up.

(__) Contacted PacCup equipment shipping chair to arrange to have non-racing equipment - including my dinghy, dodger and delivery sales - shipped ahead to Kaneohe Yacht Club.


(__) Prepared boat for inspection. Remember the PacCup is Category 1 and the Race Notice includes a few "deviations and clarifications".

(__) Scheduled boat inspection. Note you must schedule your boat inspection on time or get fined or excluded - why wait until the last minute? Schedule your boat inspection now. For questions about the inspection or to schedule your inspection, contact the inspections chair.

(__) Received my 2020 Northern California PHRF Certificate and transmitted it to PCYC. Note this must be in to PCYC by May 1. Also if you plan any changes to your boat that will change your rating - you must notify PCYC by May 1 including details on intended changes. Amended PHRF Certificates must be received by PCYC by June 1.

(__) If I haven't already done so in March (insuring the Race Guide has the correct information on my boat and crew), submitted all parts of my and my crews' entry.

(__) Practiced man-overboard drills with my crew.

(__) Performed emergency steering test with my crew.


(__) Had my boat inspected. I gave the inspector copies of my Certificate of Man-Overboard Drill, Life Raft Certificate, and certificate of successful emergency rudder test too. I also showed him my SSB, VHF and bilge pumps work. Note you have to be inspected by June 10.

(__) Made a few changes to my boat and just received my amended PHRF Certificate and mailed to the PCYC. 

(__)Ordered embroidered shirts for my crew. We will be styling!


(__) Had a few deficiencies during the boat inspection that I have fixed and just sent the inspector a "certification of correction of deficiencies". Note you have until the Skippers and Navigators meeting to correct any deficiencies and hand in the certificate of such. But why wait until the last minute?

(__) Sent my crew information on the Bon Voyage Party and the Awards Banquet - sent in my reservations too.

(__) Received and read the Sailing Instructions and gave a copy to my Navigator.

(__) My Navigator and I attended the Skippers and Navigators meeting. Exact times to be provided in May. If you haven't done so already, this is the last day to submit Certification of Correction of deficiencies found during inspection, Certification of Successful Emergency Rudder Test, Certification of Man Overboard Drill and Part 3 Crew Waivers.

(__) My family and crew attended the Bon Voyage Party. More details on the Bon Voyage party to follow in the Spring.

(__)Enough is enough, it's time to go sailing!

Mary Lovely

Former Commodore, and multiple-time Pac Cup crosser, mostly on Green Buffalo, Mary Lovely, PhD and RN, is not only about one of the nicest folks in the organization, she is extremely helpful, offering her time, advice, and enthusiasm to our efforts.  Her experience ranges from double-handed crossings to large boats with crews of 14.

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