Sail Inventory Suggestions for San Francisco to Hawai’i Passage

Petroka, Synthia

by Synthia Petroka

What is your budget & expectations?

Minimum: Mainsail, #3, #1, .75 oz AP spinnaker

Budget: Minimum plus blast reacher (135%) or butterfly, and 1.5 oz shy kite

No limit: Budget plus jib top (155%), more kites than food!

Sport Boats: Asymmetric spinnakers

4 Legs of the race

Start to Pt. Bonita: Beat

Normal: start with #1, change to #3 outside gate

Light air: Light #1

Heavy air: #3

Close Reach: Can’t carry yet

Normal: Blast Reacher

Light air: Jib Top, Drifter, Code Alpha, VMG spinnaker

Heavy air: Blast Reacher


Normal: Reacher or shy kite, asymmetric, what you have when you can

Light air: Drifter

Heavy air: shy kite

Trade Winds to Finish:

Normal: full sized spinnaker during day-runner. At night, heavy air

kite, butterfly jib, polled out blast reacher

Light air: .5 oz, AP for higher AWA

Heavy air: shy kite

Storm Sails: storm trys’l, storm jib, Gail sail (ATN)

Spinnaker Socks: ATN

Spinnaker Nets: fills fore triangle with something to keep spinnaker from wrapping around


Outgrabbers: floating block suspended from boom, attaches to spinnaker sheet between clew and

boat, pulls clew outboard to stabilize spinnaker.


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