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Getting the Boat Home: Hired Delivery

Mike Priest, 100 ton USCG lic. Captain.

If you are considering having your boat sailed home by a hired captain and crew, here are a few considerations.

I write this from the perspective of a captain, and have seen as many different scenarios as there are boats, owners, captains and locations. There is no set formula or pricing, but rather some guidelines and questions to ask and answer.

Fishing Administrator Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:53

Whether it fits into your racing strategy or not, it will likely be a hit on the return voyage.

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

by Steve Hunt

OK, so you made it in the “Fun Race to Hawaii!” Why not go for a “Fun Cruise” of some of the Hawaiian Islands before returning to the rat race? That’s just what my wife Marilyn and I did a few weeks after we finished the 1994 West Marine Pacific Cup race.

Everyone knows how important preparation is for the race. Well, it’s just as important for a successful cruising adventure.

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