Liz learned sailing in the SFYC junior program moving on to big boats on the Bay and multiple ocean racers.  See her website for more detail.  Along the way she earned a degree in Medical Microbiology from UC Berkeley.  She currently runs the Women’s International Match Racing Assn

In addition, Liz sailed with the America’s Cup in 1999-2000, won the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year in 2002, and raced the TransPac in 2005.

With her husband Todd Hedin, Liz  has sailed in multiple Pacific Cups.  They finished first in class in 2000, 2002 and 2006 on their Antrim 27 with Jim Antrim joining them.

Todd and Liz met through sailing and continue to sail together as well as separately on all size boats.  They campaigned their Antrim 27 for many years as well as sailing many other boats.

They competed together on California Condor in the 2010 Pac Cup where they met several unanticipated challenges.

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