The 2024 Pacific Cup will start the week of July 15, 2024, and invites well-prepared boats to race to the warm, welcoming shores of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.

Before the race, participants will attend safety and preparation seminars and social events including the very popular Bon Voyage party the weekend before July 14. Of course, the accent is on preparation. In addition to our seminars, we maintain an online Knowledge Base of information about ocean racing in general and the Pac Cup in particular. This information is available without charge to any ocean voyager, whether cruising, Trans Pac, Coastal Cup, or other race.


The Finish. After anywhere from a record-setting six to a somewhat leisurely seventeen days, we finish. Most racers finish in ten to fourteen days. The finish is off the windy north coast of Oahu, near Kaneohe Bay. The members of Kaneohe Yacht Club mount an incredible welcoming effort, starting with a finish line committee and escort boat to bring our tired crews to the KYC harbor. The "Leis and Trays" committee greets each arrival with wearable and consumable tokens of welcome to these friendly islands.


Post Finish. A social calendar is provided by KYC, including parties and just lounging by the pool, in the bar, or in the "Long House" sharing stories and waiting for the next boat to arrive. Near the end of the week, the evenings light up with a spectacular luau, followed by a Mount Gay-featured party the next evening, and culminating with the awards party and the handing out of trophies.

All too soon, we must bid an aloha farewell to the islands and the race, only to begin the planning for next year.