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Pacific Cup Offshore Academy - March 2012 - Liz Baylis and Todd Hedin

Getting the Boat Home: Hired Delivery

Mike Priest, 100 ton USCG lic. Captain.

If you are considering having your boat sailed home by a hired captain and crew, here are a few considerations.

I write this from the perspective of a captain, and have seen as many different scenarios as there are boats, owners, captains and locations. There is no set formula or pricing, but rather some guidelines and questions to ask and answer.

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Guidelines to help you Optimize your boat for the trip to Hawaii

This article is intended to help you get the best performance out of your boat during the race to Hawaii.  It is not an article on how to game the ratings system.  The recommendations contained in this article are based on the experience and judgment of the author.  Every skipper should make the final determination of what works for their boat.

Navigation Systems -Video and Article

Ever wonder how a navigator might prepare for a big race like the Pac Cup?  In this navigation systems article, Lew walks us through the tools he might use for crossing the Pacific.  The topics covered include grib files, weather forecast charts, navigation software, instruments and more.   Best of all, Stan Honey contributed to the article his insight on computer routing around the Pacific High.

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Spares and Repairs Underway

If “it” quits working and you don’t have a spare or the ability, materials and tools to repair “it,” you need to be able to live without “it” for the balance of the voyage.

Without question the best approach is to make absolutely certain that all systems are in excellent condition before you leave the dock.  This discussion is about Plan B, how to cope when one of your systems fails to function.

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