Hull Integrity

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

The Big Picture

In the big picture view there are three areas of concern to identify a seaworthy hull:

1 Hull Structure. Is the boat strong enough?


2 Stability. Is the boat stable enough? Does it have enough righting moment to recover from a severe knockdown?


3 Attachments and penetrations. Are all the fittings, joints, through hulls and openings properly mounted and sealed?

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Jim Antrim

Jim Antrim is a naval architect and expert in composite engineering with 40 years of professional experience in the field. He has designed a wide variety of boats and consulted on countless projects.

Jim's designs holding speed records include sailing multihulls and monohulls, also an electric powered boat and a transatlantic multihull rowboat. His extensive sailing experience includes eight Hawaii races, five of them on Antrim designs.

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