Tracker Return information

To the skippers of the returning Pacific Cup racers:

When you arrive home please turn off the trackers.  To do this simply push
the center button and a menu will appear.  Scroll down the menu to
"deactivation" and push the center button again.  The message will appear
"are you sure" and push the center button again.  The tracker is then

Please then package the tracker safely and return it to me at:
Robert B. Gray
3837 La Cresta Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602

Several of you have returned trackers to me in prior races but I suggest you
use the following system unless you have a personal delivery system.
I suggest using either FedEx or UPS as both will deliver the trackers.
Because of the batteries some post offices will not accept them for posting.
I would also suggest you request a return receipt as this will give evidence
of return for refund of your deposit.

Please exercise care when detaching the trackers from the boat and do not
tear or damage the tracker containers or velcro or cords used for attaching
the trackers.

Here is hoping all of you had a "Fun Race to Hawaii" a safe return and are
looking forward to doing it again in 2020.

Thanks and Aloha

Bob Gray