What We're Finding

We came, we saw, we shook our heads.  While the fleets are in wild pursuit of enough breeze to zip them to Kaneohe, most boats are finding other things.

Halfway parties are starting to break out on the boats. This tradition of longer ocean crossings ranges from a break in the "no alcohol rule" to full-on costume parties, with Jim Gregory and Rob Moore perhaps setting the standard back around aught-8.

Some boats are finding wind, and are sprinting out ahead of their competition.  More on that in the morning briefings.

Several boats are reporting large amounts of visible trash. Race veterans have commented that when the winds are light, more is seen. Whether the wind hides the trash, gets them past it faster, or simply provides a distraction is not clear, but we got a lot of comments.

A Fond le Girafon was kind enough to send in a few pictures. We're thinking those foils of hers are particularly sensitive to le débris in the water.

Trash more trash