Tuesday Morning Shuffle

When we crunched the numbers on the 0800 positions, we found quite a few shifts in postition from the (early) morning report:  Loose Cannon, double-handed by Andy Goodman and Julia Paxton, has pulled nicely in front of Alternate Reality to claim First in DH1, First in PHRF, First Express 27, and SECOND in the Pacific Cup, ousting Green Buffalo from that perch. As forecast, Prospector has moved into pole position of Pac Cup eligible boats.

Foamy has climbed more to the front of the DH2 division, leading Zipper by almost three hours. 

Interestingly, the tracker shows double-handed boats leading the parade to Hawaii, with Wolfpack, Bacon Berger, and A Fond le Girafon at the head of the crowd along with the cruising Hanse 505, Anaïs.  They're all facing a wide patch of lighter air, so these four may simply be the first into the waiting room as we see yet another "re-start" reminiscent of a Friday Night Beer Can race.  

The standings page refreshes periodically over the day, with near real-time positions posted once we collect the 8:00 am reports once a day.