Thursday July 12 race report

Thursday morning in the Pacific Cup shows much of the same among the Monday starters, while the Wednesday starters proved the forecast accurate by getting off to a slow start. As a result, most divisional and overall rankings remain somewhat the same as yesterday and are generally unaffected by the Wednesday starters, as they are all very deep on corrected time. As the Pasha Hawaii D division prepares to start today on Thursday and the BMW of San Rafael E division on Friday, it's become more and more apparent that the Monday starters have indeed won the weather lottery - at least in these early stages - as originally predicted as early as last week.

Wednesday's two starts saw a total of seventeen boats begin their own 2,000+ mile journeys to Hawaii under mostly sunny skies and a brisk, puffy breeze. The Weems & Plath B division saw 10 racer cruisers between 40 and 57 feet in length cross the start while the Alaska Airlines C division saw an incredibly competitive fleet of seven 30-something race boats charge the line like a buoy start with Kyle Vanderspek's Hobie 33 Aloha winning a dramatic start. Shortly after crossing outside the Gate however, the fun factor surely began to dwindle, as did the breeze with competitors flopping around in the Gulf of the Farallones for much of the night. Most boats took a northern route to try to play the shore breeze and punch out to the  synoptic winds first, while just two boats took the more direct rhumb line route. In the end, there's not much in it as the fleet has now generally compressed along the rhumb line with a few outliers sailing a more southerly course and the Archambault 35 Mirthmaker blazing her own trail far north.

Up at the front of the fleet with the Wednesday starters, A Fond le Girafon continues to lead the race for line honors, and has committed themselves firmly to the north, the furthest boat north of rhumb line. As of this writing, A Fond le Girafon is 1,433 miles to the finish. A quartet of boats are sailing in the foiling Beneteau's wake including overall race leader, the Cal 40 Green Buffalo. A bit further south along the rhumb line, the Hanse 505 Outremer leads the cruisers while the J/120 Jamani continues to impress and lead the Mount Gay Rum DH2 division. Motorcycle Irene continues leading Pau Maui Vodka / DH1, and continues to pull away at a steady pace, now some 26 miles ahead of second placed Loose Cannon.

All of the Monday starters are still making excellent speed, while the Wednesday starters are at least moving again, though comparatively much slower than her Monday rivals who almost  immediately set out into heavy and fast reaching conditions. The course should continue to get lighter and lighter over the next few days, hampering all of the later starting divisions and eventually catching up to the Monday starters. The north-south split among Monday's starters continues to grow with some boats sailing towards the pent house, and some towards the poor house, though no one quite knows which at this very point in time. We can only watch on with bated breath as this situation unfolds. 

The media team is filing this report from the San Francisco city front as we prepare to cover today's sole start, the Pasha Hawaii D division which gets underway at about 1:45 pm. Stay tuned to the tracker, all our social media feeds and our YouTube channel for more continuing coverage. 

To see a full recap video of yesterday's action, please follow this link:


-Ronnie Simpson

Pac Cup Media 2018