Ratings, Qualifying Voyage, in NOR Update

Ratings rules and the qualifying voyage requirement are addressed in an NOR amendment released October 18. Like the prior two races, slower boats' divisions will be scored using YRA's PHRF-Downwind method, and faster will be scored using US Sailing's ORR. Competition for the overall Pacific Cup will be scored using certified (measured) PHRF-DW.

Also covered is the "Qualifying Voyage" requirement. While the 150-mile overnight trip is short compared to the race, we've found a correlation between entrants who have not done this step and those who fail to start or finish the voyage. The offshore qualifying voyage includes the skipper and at least one crew on the entered boat. We recommend that your preparation be longer voyages with as much as the crew as you can muster. And yes, last year's Pac Cup counts.

Other items in the latest update include a clarification on using twin rudders to satisfy the emergency steering requirement and a confirmation of our full payment due date of November 30, or your entry date, whichever is later.

Yes, entries are still open, and will remain so until our forecast finishers count exceeds our contractual capacity at KYC.