October Seminar Line-up Announced

October 21!  Richmond YC.  A dazzling array of subjects and speakers.  Signups are open.

For more information, see the sign-up page.

  • Gilles Combrisson will be talking about masts, halyards and spars generally. Inspections, specs, things that can go wrong, spares, fixes. 
  • Merf Owen is going to be giving his perspective on overall boat prep and major systems, how to go about it and what to prioritize. 
  • Eric Steinberg will cover electronics/power, including 
  • Rowena Carlson (2018 Chief Inspector) will be covering inspections.
  • Pasha will be present to cover shipping your boat home.
  • Sails ... Logisitics, and a few other topics to be squeezed in