June 26 Update

As Pacific Cup racers have enjoyed their hot showers and gotten their land legs again, they are posting photos and videos on social media. Wondering what it’s like to cross the Pacific on the Ker 56 Varuna VI? Find out here. Crew from the Santa Cruz 50 Hula Girl, the provisional winner of Pasha Hawaii Division D, have posted videos from their ride. At the Pacific Cup Yacht Club Facebook Page we are sharing photos and videos from many boats, including onboard shots from Manouch Moshayedi’s super maxi Rio 100. You can also see photos of the Pac Cup starts, finishes, greetings and events at the website for the Pac Cup’s official photographer Leslie Ritcher at http://www.rockskipper.com

With Tropical Storm Darby just a memory, 10 more Pacific Cup racers arrived between 6 a.m. Monday and 6 a.m. Tuesday, including Aeriagne, Agaséa, Albion, Avion, Bear Boat, Cassiopeia, Confetti, Nicole, Rapture, Sanguine, Shadowside. The Antrim 24 Mirador, the remaining racer, is due in Wednesday. 

Several of the boats had damage that affected their passage. While they were still 480 miles offshore, the J/124 Albion suffered a chain plate failure and had to motor in with a small jury-rigged Kon Tiki-style trisail. The Jeanneau 43 Agaséa was close enough by for a rendezvous with them for a fuel transfer of some 30 gallons, passed in two rounds, by jerry cans fashioned into a raft with fenders. Twenty-five miles from the finish, Beneteau 423 Sierra radioed to withdraw from the race with a broken thru-hull fitting. The boat didn’t need to declare an emergency, but proceeded directly to Keehi Marine.

The competition hasn’t ended yet. Boats in the Cruising Division need to drop their Survey Forms off up at the Race Deck by Wednesday. These forms are important for determining awards in that division. Thursday is the highly competitive and always fun spinnaker packing competition, held on the KYC lawn. Boats need to organize teams of three and submit them through the Events section at PacificCup.org, or sign up at the KYC concierge desk.

Tonight KYC welcomes Pac Cupper with "Kanikapila" - a style of Hawaiian music that you might find on the beach in an inpromptu jam session. There are still tickets available for Thursday's Mount Gay Rum party (get your red hat!), and Friday's awards ceremony, but Wednesday's luau is sold out. Tickets to open events may be purchased at PacificCup.org