July 27 Update - Mirador's in, let the parties begin!

Aloha, Mirador! The Antrim 27 finished this morning at 9:38 a.m. marking the fleet’s longest passage. Skipper Eric Devaney and his son Will faced a number of challenges that extended their time at sea. They shredded their main on the first day. Rather than abandon the race, they were able to make it useable by putting in two reefs. Their autohelm couldn’t handle the waves as they were pointed upwind and, exhausted, they hove to at times to rest during those first four or five days. “We did the best we could,” said Eric Devaney. “We wanted to complete the race.” It was the second Pac Cup for this father and son team.


Will and Eric Devaney have arrived in Kaneohe!

With the arrival of the Antrim 27 this morning, all skippers and crew in the 2016 Pacific Cup are safely back on land. For many crew, the work hasn’t ended just yet: most boats are being cleaned and prepped to return to the mainland, either by delivery crew or container ship. The local boats are can take their time getting ready for more sailing in Hawaiian waters.

Racers are swapping stories at the bar, and catching up on tales posted online while they were at sea. In many cases, rough conditions affected boats’ electronics and the skippers and crew are back-filling information about the journey, with details about sea conditions, wind speeds and onboard adventures. Many scribes also did their best to try and explain their passion for sailing to landlubbers. In most cases, these racers gave up their sleep to type up the reports – no small act of sacrifice while at sea. Many racer blogs are linked on the Pac Cup website, and others are accessable via Facebook.