Fleet Gets Chatty

In the daily 8 am check-in, we invite boats to include a "message for the world". They're starting to respond.  Here's what we saw this morning:

    • I-phone found in bilge under water could not work later may be last communication will try drying in rice otherwise all ok (Foamy)
    • Good start slow night (Mirthmaker)
    • Light air (Venture)
    • Please disregard prior checkin my clock was off (Name withheld)
    • Due to laptop and other electrical problems, Abstract has a new email. (Abstract)
    • Double rainbow!!! (La Bonne Vie)
    • Steering cable fixed... though still using Autopilot for this messy reaching. Water in the fuel filter caused intermittent stalling of engine... found, drained, cooking along. Time for real food?  Its hard on this 20k beam reach... feels like we have been reaching forever. (Green Buffalo)
    • Whales at 7 this am have a great day (Angelique)
    • We did a hard reset on the yb (Zipper)