Equipment List Posted

The race start just got a little closer.  As advertised, the 2014 Pacific Cup Equipment List has been finalized, approved, and posted.  See it on the Race Documents page.   This list is the result of many hours of work, and consultation with experts and other sailors.  Some of the larger changes from 2012 are:


  • If you use satphone, instead of SSB, and have no inboard a charged 24 AH battery is required for it.
  • A fire-fighting plan is required.
  • Your secondary anchor rode can be shorter
  • EPIRB language clarified, a PLB is not an EPIRB.
  • USSailing has relaxed Liferaft repacking rules, we agree!
  • You may sail with your choice of any two of storm jib, heavy jib, and trysail.  Or all three if you want.
  • Carry one spare kit per inflatable PFD
  • VHF Antenna minimum size

2014 Pac Cup entrants, and anyone considering an ocean crossing, are urged to review the Offshore Special Regulations and the equipment list modifications to it, for implemention on their vessels.  An excellent series of articles on the OSR by Chuck Hawley is included in our Knowledgebase for your use.  Or bring your questions to our October seminar, open to all!