Break On Through...

As forecast, the Wednesday starters are having a challenging time breaking through a patch of light air directly across their course to Hawaii.  While the Monday starters are enjoying beam winds in the 16-knot range, Wednesday's children are likely bobbing and slatting in very little breeze, reminiscent of the 2000 race and a few others.  

These light air conditions are not the norm for SF Bay sailors, and they can easily fray nerves and sails.

Meanwhile, at the front, our incongruous leaders are Girafon -- the protypical Benetau, and a pair of "we're not really racing" cruising division Hanse 505's: Anais  and Outre Mer. Jamani, Motorcycle Irene and Green Buffalo lead the scored divisions.

Back at the start line, the forecast is for good winds for Thursday's starters at 1:50 pm.


As of this morning